Introducing the new SP 591 LX G3 The next generation of the SP 461 LF



Story from the magazine "Operation Focus"

A 14-year search for the right harvester head ended for Weldon Hershey when he was introduced to the burgeoning 761 LF





Story from the magazine "Australian Forests and Timber news"

About the successful switch to SP 591 LX by one of the largest contractors in Western Australia, Wilson Logging.





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Welcome to SP

SP has the longest experience of all in the field of development and design of harvester heads. SP has been leading the development of the technique for almost 30 years and is – always ahead –

Today SP harvester heads are in operation all over the world. In Sweden and in northern Europe the harvester heads are normally attached to wheeled forestry machines. In other countries such as North America, Spain and South Africa the harvester heads are often mounted on excavators.

Harvester heads with different accessories can be optimized for different types of machines and demands. As an example accessories are available for debarking eucalyptus trees, colour marking as well as different measuring and controlling systems.



SP harvester head on wheeled
forestry machine


SP harvester head debarking eucalyptus trees


SP 461 LF SP 561 LF SP 761 LF


SP 861 LF SP 591 LX G3