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Succesful demonstration of SP 591 LX in South Africa

SP attended the conference Forest Engineering 2007 in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

The conference was arranged by Forestry Solutions and focused on how to mechanise forestry operations.

Day 1 was spent in Sinodale Center where we got to listen to interesting presentations with in the theme of mechanisation.

On day 2 the main attraction was demonstrations of machines harvesting eucalyptus for pulp wood.

SP did a very good demonstration with the new SP 591 LX, purpose built for tough conditions like the ones in eucalyptus operations.

With a very robust design, high feeding speed and an excellent debarking the SP 591 LX is a great choice for eucalyptus harvesting.

The SP 591 LX is not suitable only for eucalyptus harvesting but for all tough operations regardless of what species being harvested.

LX is short for Logging Xtreme. Xtreme stand for the conditions that the SP 591 LX is built to handle.

The sale of the SP 591 LX is scheduled to start in the beginning of 2008, but already now many orders have been placed.

The SP 591 LX will also soon be launched on the web so keep your eyes open…

demonstration sp 591 LX
SP 591 LX harvests eucalyptus at an impressive speed.


Around 250 people, all connected to the South African forestry, attended the demo. By judging on the comments afterwards, the SP demo

was the most impressive of all.

We want to thank our South African dealer Leon and Tickey van Eeden for a great job.

A big thank you also to all of you who took the time to visit us at the demo and also to Forestry solutions for arranging the conference.


For more information welcome to contact Anders Gannerud at +46 73 44 253 41
or at anders.gannerud@spmaskiner.se