About the company

SP Maskiner

SP Maskiner is a world-leading supplier of Swedish-made harvester heads. Our concept is to supply harvester heads that fit harvesters of all makes and models. SP Maskiner’s harvester heads therefore give you more opportunities to optimise your thinning and felling.

SP was founded in 1978, in the small village of Lillarp, located in the heart of southern Sweden’s forests. In 1980, SP Maskiner manufactured the world’s first ever single-grip harvester head, the SP21, which came to revolutionise professional forestry. Since 2003, SP Maskiner has been part of the Weland Group.

SP Maskiner is now a well-known international brand with dealers right around the world. Our strength lies in our modern product range and our sensitivity. Our product range covers all felling types and conditions, from first thinning to final felling, as well as felling of energy wood and eucalyptus.

With long experience in the sector, we are sensitive to the needs of our customers. Despite being a global brand, we have retained our Swedish quality and proximity to our customers. We are constantly working closely with our customers and are always trying to satisfy their needs.

With our motto, “Always ahead”, we are continually developing and are at the forefront of technical developments in our segment. We are always endeavouring to take technology and efficiency to the next level. We are striving to meet future demands on forestry. We are driven by the desire to create new, innovative solutions for you as our customer, both now and in the future.