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  • SP launches two new head models on Expoforest Brazil


    SP will present two new harvester head models SP 661 E and SP 761 E on the Expoforest exhibition in Brazil 11-13th of April. Both heads are specifically designed for harvesting and debarking of plantation grown eucalyptus. Thanks to the state of the art hose routing and heavy duty design in combination with superior debarking efficiency and high speed feeding, the SP 661 E and SP 761 E are built to offer highest productivity, reliability and profitability.

    SP 661 E

    The SP 661 E is optimized for tree diameters
    from 100 to 250 mm.

    New harvester head

    The SP 761 E is optimized for tree diameters
    from 150 to 350 mm.

    For more information welcome to contact Export sales manager Anders Gannerud.

  • New harvester head


    SP Maskiner has developed a completely new harvester head, the SP 661 LF. The head has the optimum characteristics for final felling with the focus on the productivity, utilisation rate and timber values.

    The SP 661 LF is a flexible, strong and efficient head with a design based on SP Maskiner's Low Friction principle, for minimal friction and maximum productivity. The unit is an excellent choice for installations on both wheel-based carriers as well as on excavators and caterpillar forestry machines.

    All types of final felling

    The head has been developed to provide the highest quality and production during all types of final felling. During final felling of thick trunks, the feed rollers and SP Maskiner's patented system, LogHold, give the maximum capacity and production. During final felling of thin trunks, the flexible design comes into its own and, equipped with multi-tree equipment, the 661 also processes thin trunks efficiently. Thanks to an extremely well protected and strong construction, the SP 661 LF also guarantees the shortest possible standstills and the maximum utilisation factor.

    New harvester head