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SP 591 LX G3 - Powerful and robust

The SP 591 LX G3 is built for harvesting and debarking awkward, plantation-grown eucalyptus and acacia species. It is a strong and robust harvester head, designed according to the LX principles for maximum reliability and productivity.

The uncompromising design can be found throughout the harvester head, from the frame and knives all the way down to individual machine elements such as pivot pins and seals. The SP 591 LX G3 can handle crooked and irregular trunks and has unprecedented debarking efficiency. This makes it an extremely fast, productive and fuel-efficient harvester head.

The SP 591 LX G3 is optimised for best productivity and performance handling tree sizes from 10 to 35 cm, and is just as productive performing cut-to-length logging (CTL) as it is working with previously felled wood.


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Technical data

Learn more about the technology behind our various harvester heads. Here you will find everything from information about cutting and delimbing to weights and dimensions.


Min. pump capacity: 166 l/min
Rec. working pressure: 25-30 MPa


Proportional clamping pressure of the feed rollers in relation to trunk diameter, individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
Roller motors: 500/315, 630/400 cm³
Max. opening: 640 mm
Feed speed: 0-7 m/s
Feeding force: 24 kN
Proportional pressure: Yes


Extremely robust and powerful Hultdins SuperCut 100 saw unit with integrated chain lubrication and hydraulic tensioning of the chain.
Cutting diameter: 600 mm
Chain speed: 40 m/s
Saw motor: 20 cc
Saw unit: Automatic – SuperCut 100


Delimbing knives with proportional pressure. Individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
Movable knives: 2
Fixed knives: 2
Delimbing diameter tip to tip: 430 mm
Min. delimbing diameter: 30 mm
Proportional pressure: Yes
LogHold: Yes

Weight and dimensions

Despite its extremely robust design, the SP 591 LX G3 has a moderate weight and can therefore be used on a variety of different carriers. Thanks to its compact height, the SP 591 LX G3 can handle crooked and irregular timber efficiently and without difficult.
Width closed: 1250 mm
Width open: 1550 mm
Height, excl. tilt frame: 1670 mm
Weight, excl. rotator: 1800 kg


The SP 591 LX G3 can be fitted to a variety of different carriers, such as conventional forest machines and excavators. In order to ensure good function, please consult your nearest SP dealer.
Proportional clamping pressure of the feed rollers in relation to trunk diameter, individual settings for different species for optimum performance.
Optimum trunk diameter*: 15 - 35 cm
Max. rec. trunk diameter*: 40 cm
* Diameter at breast height, measured 1.3 m up the trunk.

We reserve the right to change specifications and design. Harvester heads pictured may have some extra equipment. All stated measurements/values are approximate and refer to standard equipment.

LX – because extreme jobs allow no compromise

LX stands for Logging Xtreme. The harvester heads in the LX series are designed to cope with the most extreme conditions. Thanks to a number of smart design solutions, the LX harvester heads offer a maximum productivity, performance and uptime together with a minimum need for service and maintenance.

The harvester heads are extremely strong and hard-wearing, but thanks to proportional pressure, SP’s patented LogHold and SP’s computer software, they are also fast, efficient and easy to work with.

Accessories and equipment

The SP 591 LX G3 can be supplied with a range of accessories to adapt the harvester head to different needs, carriers and felling conditions. The most common accessories are described below.

For more information, contact your nearest SP dealer.

A or E frame

Separate length measuring unit

Feed motors

Feed rollers

3/4” saw unit

Find end sensor

Complete measurement and control system

Control system

SP harvester heads can be installed on machines equipped within any of the following control systems.

Dasa4 Compact
Dasa Forester*
John Deere Timbermatic 300/3000
Motomit IT
Motomit PC
Komatsu MAXI
Techno Matic
Technion till SP461LF *

* A complete control system can be supplied by SP

Control system